Barrier Free Saskatchewan

Accessibility Resources Available from Canadian Transportation Agency

The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA), the federal regulatory body overseeing transportation, provides accessibility resources to help people with disabilities. These resources include, but not limited to , information on filing accessibility complaints, notices related to the agency and transportation, and guides on travelling. You can find these resources at Accessibility on their web site.

Letter of Concern Re Saskatchewan Human Right commission

On May 5, 2020, Barrier Free Saskatchewan (BFSK) sent a letter of of concern about the SaskatchewanHuman Right Commission. and its failure to uphold its obligations to protect the rights of people with disabilities. In this letter, BFSK is calling on the Saskatchewan government to conduct a complete and independent review of SHRC's policies, procedures, and practices.

Read this letter of concern to learn more.

Saskatchewan Government Announces Consultations on an Accessibility Act in the Throne Speech

In the throne speech read to the legislature on October 23, 2019, the Saskatchewan government announced it will hold consultations for an accessibility act. Barrier Free Saskatchewan (BFSK) is looking forward to these consultations and is planning to participate in partnership with other disability groups in the province.

To view the video or read the transcript for this throne speech, visit Speech from the Throne.

Society has a moral and ethical responsibility along with a legal requirement to make Saskatchewan accessible. There is also a strong business case to do so.

From the conclusion for Building Standards & the Code by Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission

The Barrier Free Saskatchewan (BFSK) steering committee has put forward 14 principles to be the foundation for an accessibility act for the province of Saskatchewan. These principles are closely aligned with Barrier Free Canada, Barrier Free BC, and Barrier Free Manitoba. We want the Province of Saskatchewan to pass an Accessibility Act with these principles intact so we can become a barrier free province.

A barrier Free Saskatchewan is for everyone. Using these principles, BFSK is building a non-partisan coalition from the provincial community of individuals and organizations of and for persons with disabilities, Saskatchewan citizens, organizations, and companies who will endorse this worthwhile endeavour. We would like to identify point persons to act as key contacts to share information.

Your endorsement will be like a catalyst that will mix with our allies and inspire empowerment throughout the province.

Join our coalition by endorsing these Barrier free principles and count yourself in as we build an accessible province through a Saskatchewan Accessibility Act. There is no fee or cost involved. Remember "Nothing For Us Without Us".

To get more information about Barrier Free Saskatchewan or to join the coalition and endorse the BFSK Principles, send an email to You also can find more information from BFSK on our More Information page.